Hospitals need your help!

The COVID-19 crisis in Switzerland holds on and help is needed across all fields. Lend your helping hand for a relief mission in the healthcare sector and contribute to fight the current pandemic.

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Urgent support needed?

Your healthcare institution needs urgent, student support (laboratory, admin, supporting care giver, but no medical personnel) due to the current circumstances? Write us an email and our team will find suitable individuals!


Students4Hospitals is an initiative by students to provide student support to healthcare institutions as quickly and efficiently as possible during the corona crisis.

For students

The relief missions are expected to last several weeks. The situation and thus the institutions' necessities change daily. As such, the exact details of each relief mission depend on the momentary needs of each individual healthcare institution. Thank you for your help in fighting this crisis!

All relief missions are limited to no more than 50% of your time and you are required to talk to your student administration, to make sure your studies will not be negatively impacted.

For institutions

We are present all over Switzerland and have a large pool of students at our disposal. We would be happy to assist your institution in putting together a team of helpers tailored to your requirements - be it “experience in a sterile laboratory”, “emergency aid course” or “availability of a car”. We mediate students with a ready-made employment contract that is legally secured, unbureaucratically and directly.

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About us

"Students4Hospitals" is an association of interdisciplinary students from ETH Zürich and other universities, who with the support of Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Goldhahn do their best to provide easy access to student volunteers for healthcare institutions. Would you like to support our effort? Please share this page with all other students you know - thanks a lot!


You are not a student, but would like to make an important contribution to coping with this situation? Support our association! The student association “Students4Hospitals” appreciates your donation.

We only use donations to enable helpful students to work in a health institution - be it by co-financing transport costs, compensation or even a temporary apartment. With your donation you can help us to get students where they are needed - for a united Switzerland!

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If you have questions, you can reach us at

Thank you!